Halo 16 NanLite 16” LED Ring Light Bicolor Soft Light


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Introducing the Halo 16 NanLite 16” LED Ring Light – your professional-grade ring light solution for capturing stunning photos and videos with soft and flattering lighting.

  1. Professional Lighting Quality: The Halo 16 delivers high-quality, soft light that enhances your subjects and minimizes harsh shadows, resulting in professional-looking images and videos.
  2. Bicolor and Dimmable: The ring light offers adjustable color temperature ranging from [varies with model], allowing you to achieve the desired warmth or coolness in your lighting. The dimming function enables precise control over the light intensity.
  3. Even and Diffused Lighting: The 16” ring light provides even and diffused illumination, creating a flattering and uniform light source that enhances skin tones and reduces imperfections.
  4. Versatile Mounting Options: The Halo 16 comes with a flexible mount that can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect angle. The included light stand offers stability and height adjustment for optimal positioning.
  5. Easy Setup and Operation: The ring light is quick to set up and can be powered via AC or a compatible battery (varies with model). The intuitive controls allow for seamless adjustments without interrupting your workflow.
  6. Wide Range of Applications: The Halo 16 is ideal for various photography and videography scenarios, including portraits, beauty shoots, interviews, vlogging, and more.


  • Diameter: 16” (40cm)
  • Color Temperature: Adjustable from [varies with model]
  • Dimming Range: [varies with model]
  • Mounting Options: Flexible mount and light stand included
  • Power Source: AC power or compatible battery (varies with model)
  • Weight: Varies with accessories

Unleash your creativity with the Halo 16 NanLite 16” LED Ring Light. Elevate your photography and videography with soft and flattering lighting. Order now and experience the difference in your visuals with this professional-grade ring light.


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