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Identity Policy

We have set an identity policy to take additional measures to ensure the protection of your identity. Please note, This identity policy stated here, is created by EWorld computer. and may not be a policy of any financial / merchant/ leasing company. This identity policy is a requirement of EWorld computer. To person(s) who are placing orders by phone, and wish to have merchandise shipped must provide proof of identity by submitting the following:

  1. You will have to send a state government ID and/or driver license photo also known as the first form of ID. Passports, military ID’s, and other forms of identification may be accepted only if it is issued by the United States of America Government. If you wish to send a copy of ID other than a state issued ID/ drivers license a third form of verification may be needed such as car registration to complete your order. The type of third form verification will also be decided by an employee of EWorld computer. We may require a third form of ID regardless of which type of Identification you submit.
  2. The Second Form of ID will require you to take a self photo (selfie) of you holding your ID next to your face.

Please send the required documentation stated above via email:

Failure to confirm you identity within 48 hours of the completion of your order will respond to cancellation of your item and rejection of your approval as a policy from Eworld computer Order Processed online.

Are not required to send us additional documents to verify identification. For any reason we may request information for additional Identification verification such as a second or third form of ID. Please refer to orders by phone to clarify second and third form of ID. If additional documents are needed we will give you a call. Most online processed orders are shipped out without verification needed. Reasons for additional verification needed example would be: Shipping address is more than 50 miles from the billing address. If you have any questions please call us during our normal business hours: