Godox P120 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox (47.1″)



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Introducing the Godox P120 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox (47.1″) – your essential tool for creating soft and diffused lighting in your photography and video productions.

  1. Soft and Even Lighting: The parabolic shape and large size of the P120 softbox ensure soft and even lighting across your subjects, resulting in flattering and professional-looking images.
  2. Quick Release System: The innovative quick release design allows for easy and fast setup, saving you time and effort during your shoots.
  3. High-Quality Construction: The softbox is made with durable materials to withstand regular use and ensure long-lasting performance.
  4. Removable Front Diffuser: The included front diffuser helps to further soften the light and reduce harsh shadows, giving you more control over the lighting effects.
  5. Wide Compatibility: The P120 softbox is compatible with various Godox strobes and continuous lights, offering versatility in your lighting setup.
  6. Portable and Easy to Transport: The softbox is lightweight and comes with a carrying bag, making it convenient to bring along to different shooting locations.


  • Softbox Diameter: 47.1″ (120cm)
  • Quick Release System: Yes
  • Front Diffuser: Removable
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various Godox strobes and continuous lights
  • Weight: Varies with accessories

Unleash your creativity with the Godox P120 Quick Release Parabolic Softbox. Create beautiful, soft lighting for your photography and video projects. Order now and elevate your lighting setup to a new level of excellence.


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